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During Itala’s visit to the Public Design Support she described a chaotic life/work situation. Her work in fashion and textiles had proved increasingly difficult to manage in a crowded studio in her shared apartment. She had already tried several times unsuccessfully to organize a storage situation that would provide her with more space to work.
The Design Support team discussed several ideas with her. They suggested to start with the table, enabling her to empty it and use it properly which would serve as a starting point for tackling the whole apartment. The Sewing machine in particular needed a new spot.


The system developed consists of two horizontal steel profiles mounted to the wall. These allow for the installation of vertical elements, specifically colored wood panels that can be converted to shelving space for larger objects like the sewing machine, with some velcro stripes added for attaching cloth bags containing smaller items and an elastic strap to arrange and store yarn, fabric and tools. The wall mounting system enables the user to develop more specific storage and display solutions and has already be modified by Itala for additional storage capacity.


Itala’s sewing machine

Life/work situation




Calle Cuernavaca, Condesa, Mexiko


May 2016

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