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Neighbors in the Mexico City district Juárez formed an incredibly well organized heterogeneous group called 06600 Plataforma y Observartorio Vecinal de la Colonia Juarez several years ago in response to the growing gentrification of the area. They meet regularly at the plaza Giordano Bruno to discuss local issues, to help each other with everyday problems and to organize political and social efforts to resist gentrification.


In several meetings the Public Design Support learned about their activities and needs. Among other things they lacked a physical communication tool at the plaza Giordano even though being intensively connected via social media and direct interaction with other members of the community. Furthermore, they wanted an object that would materialize their presence at the space without excluding the other users of this dynamic and multifaceted park.

The design is composed of a wooden X marking the plaza, with metal posts and plastic buckets filled with cement to serve as the foundation and a steel grid to hang stuff. It defines the space as a place for neighborhood intervention while making it possible to hang, post or write information in a highly visible space to reach members of the community first hand.


X for Plataforma 06600

No tool for physical communication


06600 Plataforma y Observartorio Vecinal de la Colonia Juarez


Plaza Giordano Bruno, Juárez, Mexico


Felix Egle, Finja Delz, Fynn Morten Heyer, Johannes Schlüter, Liez Müller


May 2016

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